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The founders of this company support and respect all animals.


We at Pet-Plicity are a small caring company which was formed because we recognized the need for safe, alternative, natural products for our own pets.


Fergie with her new family

Our first product that we researched and formulated was a superior natural dog ear cleaner.  This was the product that has inspired us due to one of our own dogs suffering with painful infected ears for most of his life.  It became apparent that the chemical treatments that the vets were prescribing were actually exasperating the problem.  The poor dog was terrified of us going anywhere near him, his ears were just so painful and he cried out in pain when we had to attend his ears!  It was heartbreaking.  We knew that there had to be a better solution and we began our research in earnest.

dog supplements

 Meet Dudley who had the painful ears!

We had our dog ear cleaning solution formulated at a FDA approved facility in the US who specialize in all-natural, microbial products.   Unlike the industry standard ear cleaners, EVERY ingredient in this formulation is derived from a natural source.  The product was a huge success and within days Dudley the Labrador ears went from being red raw with black gunge oozing from them to the healthy clear ears they are today!


Pet-Plicity was born!

We were hooked!  We knew that if we took our time we could discover more  naturally-derived liquid pet supplements and pet grooming products.  Our aim then is to offer safe alternatives to the harsh chemicals that are flooding the market place.

We are introducing our product range at a slow sensible rate as we want to be sure that we have as perfect a product as we can possibly produce.  We will also endorse other products on our site that we have carefully researched and made sure they reach our strict criteria.

We have chosen Amazon as our selling platform as we believe it offers you the buyer the safest online shopping experience.

Please look around our site and visit us regular to discover the exciting range of products that we will be releasing.

Thank You!

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