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Are you looking for a top quality ear cleaning solution for your dog?


Or perhaps you would like to find a safe, natural ear cleaning solution that does not burn or sting and helps in the prevention of ear mites and yeast infections?


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If so, you’re not alone. And the good news is you have arrived at the right site that will point you in the direction!


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Dirty Dog Ears Can Lead to Real Problems!

  • Is your dog looking up at you with those sad puppy eyes?

  • Is your dog shaking his head and its driving both of you crazy?

  • Are you noticing that there is a putrid smell throughout the house?

  • Is your canine friend rubbing his head along the floor or furniture?

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What Happens If You Let This Go?


If you don’t attend to the problem of dirt and wax build up in your dog’s ears as soon as you notice it, then it doesn’t take long before it can escalate into real problems like yeast infections and mites. At the very least your dog will feel miserable and uncomfortable. Even worse it could turn into a nasty ear infection.



  • Your dog could suffer endlessly with an irritating ear itch

  • He may begin to scratch his ears trying to get some relief

  • The delicate ear skin can tear from scratching

  • The ears become hot and inflamed

  • The ears may start to ooze from the irritation

  • Your dog may become bad tempered from being so uncomfortable

  • He could injure himself from constant head shaking

  • It could lead to a dangerous ear infection

  • Vet bills are going to mount up

  • Your house is going to smell nasty

With pure naturally derived ingredients the biggest thing to remember is that the formula will not strip the ‘good bacteria’ from your pets ear canal. If the balance is disturbed, which harsh chemical cleaning solutions will do, then trouble is never far behind in the form of ear infections. ear mites and yeast flare ups. CLICK HERE and find out for yourself how you can help your best friend!

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