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"It is sooo easy to use! Just one pump straight into the mouth does the trick. And no matter if your dog is difficult to comply. This product has absolutely no side effects, odorless, tasteless and my VET Dr. Smollin, CA, things that it is the best product he has ever seen. It is concentrated with easy dosage directions right on the bottle and it is like a jell so it does not run all over the dog face. I am so happy with this product because my 4 dogs that need it for their arthritis refuse to eat that special senior food. Thank you whoever invented this product!!!"
Suzahnna Tepper

"And the product is amazing! It calms my dogs nearly immediately. Within 5 minutes my Chorkie goes from obsessively licking me and trying to get in my face to laying calmly beside me watching the world go by! Our dachshund trembles when scared of storms. This worked on a storm we had 2 nights ago! They love the taste and lick it off my finger! I have recommended this product to my mom for her new rescue, a 6 pound yorkie mix, and she's ordering it! It even calms our 7 lb Chihuahua/Terrier mix whom we rescued from an abusive environment. She will go from barking to calm and quiet in 3-5 minutes. Thank you for a great natural product that really worked as it said it would!"
Traci R Smith

"I purchased this pet-plicity dog ear cleaner out of sheer frustration.Our labrador has had so many problems with her ears right from being a puppy. She had always had to be seen by the vet, sometimes on a monthly basis. She got to the stage where she was physically shaking when we arrived outside the veterinary office and she would scream out in pain whenever I went near her with the 'latest' treatments. Our life had become a misery! On the recommendation from a friend I tried pet-plicity ear wash and within days the inflamation had settled down. She no longer shies away from me. I am delighted! My dog actually seems to enjoy the experience now. The product smells fresh, feels ever so slightly oily and the horrible black wax came away very easily. I intend to bring my dogs treatment with this ear cleaner down to just once a week as a maintenance from now on. The container is a full 8oz so will last me a while. The package it came in was well wrapped and arrived on time. I am giving this product a full 5 stars. I urge anyone who is thinking of trying a more natural approach to cleaning or treating your dogs ears to try this product it is gentle, effective and does exactly what it says it will do!"
Kelly Brown

"I decided to try out this liquid skin and coat supplement for my golden retriever. She is getting a little older and I have noticed that her skin is starting to get a bit dryer. She also has some trouble getting around and this seemed like a great overall supplement. In addition to helping with hair & skin, it is designed to help with digestion, brittle bones, wound healing, skin infections, and a number of additional issues! I was happy to get this coat supplement at a discounted rate because I wasn't sure if my dog was going to be willing to eat her food once I added this into the mixture. However, she just sniffed it a bit and proceeded to eat as usual! I am glad that she doesn't mind her new vitamins because I can see how much they are helping her! Her digestion has improved and I can see that her coat has been slowly coming back to life. I recommend to any dog owner! Your dog is sure to enjoy it!"
Stephanie W.