Glucosamine Liquid for Dogs Contains Chondroitin and MSM


Are you looking for a top quality Joint Pain Relief Supplement for your dog?



Or perhaps you would like to find a safe, natural  solution that does not contain steroids or drugs and helps in the prevention of further wear and tear on your best friends Joints and can help with pain relief?


If so, you’re not alone. And the good news is you have arrived at the right site that will point you in the direction!


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Painful Joints Can Lead to Real Problems

  • Your dog could become depressed and not want to exercise
  • Your dog could lose their appetite
  • Your dog could get to the stage where they would go off their legs due to muscle wastage
  • Your dog could eventually become incontinent


Glucosomine supplement for dogs

  • The sturdy pump that comes with our Non Flavoured Naturally Derived Canine Joint Care is pre-measured. That means your dog is getting the exact amount required each and every time. It’s a happy dog that is taking Pet-Plicity Naturally Derived Canine Joint Care! There will be no fighting with your dog by trying to get nasty pills into him, or even trying to feed him a liquid by dropper. Just infuse his or her dog food with our amazing treatment for arthritis in dogs and he will gladly consume it. How much easier can it be to get your dog feeling good again!



Glucosomine protects too.

As with humans the aging process is part of life.  Of course our beloved pets are going to get old and it is inevitable that they will develop age related wear and tear.  We can slow down the process dramatically however with supplementing with our Naturally Derived Canine Joint Care



Vets have recommended and prescribed glucosomine supplements for years.  We are confident in our carefully formulated product and stand by it with a 100% money back guarantee.  The liquid will be absorbed into the dogs system a lot faster than tablet form, this is important as it could take several weeks before results are noticed. With tablets this could take a lot longer, and any day suffering for longer than is necessary is a day too long.





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